Witness The First Drive Of The Mighty 400HP Audi TT RS!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Wow, Audi has been on fire lately. The German manufacturers always knew how to make a good quality product, but some say that their cars lacked the sporting credentials and that they simply weren’t fun to drive. Well, where are all those people now? Audi just announced their latest TT RS model, and all the haters have vanished. It is no wonder why. Just look at this thing. It is elegant and yet, it just looks so brutal. Furthermore, the looks are the only thing that’s cool about this car. With the use of latest suspension, and an engine upgrade, it now goes faster than ever. Furthermore, it has one very special button that turns this relatively calm every day car into a proper road warrior. We are talking about the sports button, which opens up the exhaust and sharpens the throttle response, and it is guaranteed to blow your mind.

Still, Audi is also known for great and comfortable interiors, and this vehicle just continues with the tradition. To be honest, it will be very pricey, but this car more than makes up for it. Shmee took it out for a spin, and his impressions can be seen in the video below. Go check it out.

That was pretty crazy. Wait until you see this next video below...