Amazing Girls Go Drifting In Race Cars! Beauty and Skilled Driving

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If you are the typical Gearhead, when someone mentions women, great cars, and ...

If you are the typical Gearhead, when someone mentions women, great cars, and drifting in a same sentence, it almost sounds like the huge wet dream coming true! Wouldn’t you agree? Cause what’s not to like in having attractive and beautiful females, and fast and powerful race vehicles at the same place? I could not think of anything of such nature! So in the case you agree with me, and look things from pretty much the same perspective, then you`re going to enjoy this video that we have prepared for you today! But just to be clear from the very beginning, I must tell you that the girls in this video are not professional racers, nor drifters, or anything else alike. They are just a small group of attractive women from the Ladylike section of BuzzFeed, who got curious about that thing called drifting, which makes men get filled with adrenaline rush, jump like crazy, cheer, scream, and do all the other things that men usually do when it comes to something that raises their interest. Well, for them, drifting is one of those things that could be seen in films like Fast and Furious. So, they head to Long Beach, California, get familiar with some of those powerful drift-beasts. Check out this video, and have a good time and lots of fun watching it!

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