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If you want your personalize your Tesla Model X, Unplugged Performance has the few ...

If you want your personalize your Tesla Model X, Unplugged Performance has the few solutions you may want to consider.

The upgrades consist of custom front and rear spoilers, a rear wing, the diffuser, side skirts, custom wheels plus carbon ceramic brakes and the air suspension upgrade.

For the interior, you can get the nearly unlimited array of bespoke upgrades that include carbon fiber, leather and even vegan leather upholstery.

The vehicle seen here, courtesy of the “What’s Inside? Family” YouTube channel comes with a full carbon fiber treatment for the cabin.

None of these custom bits are cheap though. Well, just the brakes alone cost $8,995 if you want them in red, or $9,195 if you would prefer any other custom color. As for the wheels? They cost $7,495 and if you want the 20″ versions, or $7,995 if you would rather have the 22s.

All in all, the vehicle featured here cost around $220,000 to put together. Which, to put it into context, is twice what you would spend on a 2017 Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe. Well, the orange looks great… but the side stickers look cheap and tacky. Like Need for Speed of the late 90s.

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