​Having Fun In Saudi desert: Daredevils Swinging From Reversing Tractor

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People over in Saudi Arabia have some really special relationships with their ...

People over in Saudi Arabia have some really special relationships with their vehicles.

The wild landscape over there means that various means of transportation also act as trustworthy friends to the owners, but we are now here to show you the Saudi Arabian couple that has taken this kind of relationship to the next level.

This footage shows a man and a woman dressed in the area’s traditional clothing, thawb and abaya, respectively that are simply… playing out in a desert.

The couple is using the swing, but this is no ordinary piece of hardware, since we are talking about a bit of wild improvisation here.

The two are using an agricultural rig (we didn’t want to get into a tractor-escavator talk here) to spend some quality time out in the desert.

As you can see in the video below, the piece of machinery was left to drive itself in reverse gear, and perhaps we could argue that this is an autonomous vehicle activity performed in the name of science.

Regardless, the two seems to be having a blast and we have to admit that this is quite a stray from the usual motorized contraption activity in the area, namely using Nissans and Toyotas to fly from one dune to another.

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