10 Electric Cars You Would Wanna Hit The Strip With!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


Tesla Model S

In 2013 the Model S was dubbed the car of the year and it remains one of the finest electric cars on the market.  The Tesla Model S is known for its smooth rides and powerful electric engine that is said to put out at most close to 550HP! It is no question that electric cars are advancing from the tiny economical cars to pure beasts on the road.


EV West BMW M3

Putting out a wild 850HP the EV West BMW M3 is a monster on the streets! This immaculate customized BMW is so powerful that the wheels spin before it even takes off for a race! EV West are known for creating wild builds, but this electric M3 is one of their finest creations yet!  This monstrous electric powered masterpiece is a favorite for those who love to take on the race track while remaining green!

The Tesla Roadster Sport out in the sunny California countryside on January 19th, 2011. Photo by Joe Nuxoll.

Tesla Roadster

Before the Model S was the vehicle that put Tesla on the map. Tesla’s Roadster was the first consumer vehicle that showed the world electrics potential. The roadster paved the way for all of the electric cars on this list and remains a classic in the automotive world despite being phased out.