10 Incredible Cars That You Will Not Believe Exist!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


Self Driving Cars

Self driving cars have been a main fixture in the science fiction world for sometime. However, now the idea is becoming reality and we may see them on road sooner than later. The self driving car will allow people of all different backgrounds to be able to get behind the wheel regardless of their age, disabilities, etc. There is no question that the self driving car will revolutionize the automotive world!


Optimized Solar Panel Cars

Solar panels on cars have been attempted several different times in the automotive industry. However, the flaws for the design have been the same since the idea was first put to the drawing board. Unfortunately, with the car moving so much during the day that the sunlight the car needed proved to be too hard to collect. However, Ford is coming close to creating the first fully functional solar panel car and we are excited to see what they come up with!


Cars With External Airbags

Safety within the automotive world has been advancing in incredible ways! Many different modern vehicles have implemented the use of the external airbags. The airbags are meant to react milliseconds after the car is impacted and the result should not only save lives, but make the roads that much safer! The concept is still getting fine tuned, but as soon as the external airbags are protected we can expect a better experience on the road.