1300HP Viper Running On 93 Octane Makes Quite A Show!

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Dodge Viper is considered a pretty wild vehicle, even in its stock condition, but ...

Dodge Viper is considered a pretty wild vehicle, even in its stock condition, but the one you’re about to spot just took things to another level. What makes this one so unique is the insane horsepower output it generates.

To some, 1300 horsepower sounds pretty common, especially in tuned supercar world, but take notice that this Viper does so on 93 Octane pump gas! Just how were they able to pull it off? Well, as you might have expected, there’s been a lot of terrific craftsmanship in play here, as boys from Nth Moto have really outdone themselves.

By installing a pair of Garret turbos on that monstrous V10 engine, they’ve been able to extract mad amount of power, which resulted in one phenomenal sports car. Seriously, just check out this Viper’s performance. During this day of racing, it was able to capture speeds of over 180 mph on regular basis!

In case you’re interested in checking out this epic creation in action, click on the video below and enjoy the show! Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss it!

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