1500 HP Toyota Supra Goes So Fast It Blows Its Roof Off!

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Watch as a 1500 hp Toyota Supra blows off its targa roof 50 feet into the air as ...

Watch as a 1500 hp Toyota Supra blows off its targa roof 50 feet into the air as it sped down the drag strip on its first pass. What’even better? The iconic car completed its fastest run on the quarter mile to date, trapping 190 mph with a time of 7.4 seconds.

TX2K 2017 at the Royal Purple Raceway in Texas is certainly full of surprises! From 190 mph Hondas to the AMS Alpha GT-R setting the world’s first all-wheel-drive 6-second quarter mile – you just don’t know what else you’re going to see!

According to Will,  the driver, the Supra is only running 45 psi, and has probably another 30 in reserve, previously making 70 psi on the dyno. Pretty impressive for a car that rolled off from the assembly line with ‘only’ 276 horsepower and 210 lb-ft of torque from its twin turbo 2JZ engine.

With the drag car having only one massive turbo, NOS, a built engine and other custom mods, it is certainly far from being stock, and well deserving of its remarkable time. The roof landed safely, which is quite surprising as it hit the ground with some force.

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