This 2700whp Nissan GT-R Dyno Run Footage Is Downright Terrifying

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People just can’t stop making the Nissan GT-Rs faster. We don’t blame ...

People just can’t stop making the Nissan GT-Rs faster. We don’t blame them, and considering the immense amount of power those engines can take on without exploding.

This 2700-hp Godzilla is one of the more aggressively built examples, it has absolutely no problem maxing out the 2500-hp dynamometer.

Built by the Extreme Tuning Systems of Vancouver, Washington, this silver GT-R drag vehicle isn’t unlike many other high-hp Nissan supercars around the internet.

The car has the full cage, huge drag radials out back, and the pair of gigantic turbochargers stuck into a front bumper.

Where this GT-R stands out is in its dyno pull video. The video below starts off fairly calm, but turns violent once the vehicle actually starts putting power down.

Two-foot flames shoot out the bumper-exit side exhausts, flinging wires everywhere and giving the cameraperson the visible shake.

A week before this dyno video was taken, the same GT-R ran the 6.98-second quarter mile at 214 mph. Just how much quicker can these vehicles really get? This 2700whp Nissan GT-R dyno run footage is downright terrifying

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