750HP Callaway Corvette Aerowagen Is Absolutely Ludicrous!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Chevrolet Corvette always danced on a fine line between supercars and sports cars. ...

Chevrolet Corvette always danced on a fine line between supercars and sports cars. While it often lacked the proper power to compete with its supercar counterparts from other manufacturers, this amazing ride always showed tons of promise when it comes to customization.

Well, the one you’re about to see doesn’t have that problem any longer. You’ve probably heard of the Aerowagen hatch conversion already, which is a available for all C7 Corvettes out there, but this one has another ace up its sleeve. It’s also equipped with a brilliant Z06 Power Kit, which boosts the horsepower output to an eye-popping 757, and the torque to 775 lb/ft! Those are some truly insane figures, especially when you consider that they come under warranty.

Unfortunately, not everything is perfect, as this Corvette still sports that miserably slow GM’s automatic transmission, but when you eventually hit the open roads, this thing absolutely flies! Ultimately, you wouldn’t actually buy a 750hp Corvette to drive it across town, so this problem should be too serious. Either way, it’s truly a remarkable automobile!

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