Auction 52 Japanese Used Cars Swept Away In Storm Marine Ship

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Humans can make powerful machines all they want. No matter what they create, it is ...

Humans can make powerful machines all they want. No matter what they create, it is the known fact that nature is the biggest force on the planet.

In this video that we are sharing with you guys today, you will be able to catch the glimpse of how powerful nature can be.

This footage was taken on board the cargo ship that was transporting cars. The ship was caught up in the powerful storm and all of the vehicles that they were transporting were either heavily damaged or went overboard! Well, at the very least, nobody was hurt in this incident except for the vehicles.

Anyways, this cargo ship, named Astongate, was transporting auction vehicles and it was traveling from Japan to Russia.

While on its voyage, it was caught up in the powerful storm that ruined all of the cars that it was transporting. From a total of 64 vehicles, a whopping 52 are now at the bottom of the ocean!

As it is seen in this video, heavy winds are blowing and the surface of the ship is frozen. Because of the frozen floor, the vehicles are sliding left and right as the waves come. This whole thing looks surreal, and we advise you to watch the video to see the craziness!

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