Bahrain Just Introduced A Record Breaking Superfast GT-R R35

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Bahrain’s EKanoo racing is going hard for the past few years. They have crafted a ...

Bahrain’s EKanoo racing is going hard for the past few years. They have crafted a number of magnificently fast machines aiming to create the fastest ½ mile car. Their latest effort comes again in the shape of the white Nissan GT-R T1 R35 dialed up for a record setting 1,320 feet run.

The team worked overtime before the season starts and this is apparently the first run since they created an all-new setup for the R35. And you know what – it has reset its own world record with a 7.168 at 209 mph run. Fast car for sure.

This only goes to say that Bahrain team is really close to achieving their ultimate goal – high 6’s with the Nissan GT-R R35. Who knows when will they succeed. Maybe this year as this is, more or less, the first proper testing for the new setup on the Nissan GT-R R35.

After all, they said: “The run began with a new personal best 60 foot of 1.208. Our team has worked overtime on new developments for this car in the offseason and we are just now scratching the surface of what this new setup is capable of, stay tuned.”

Godzilla got really, really aggressive and we cannot even imagine how fast, brutal and savage will it be after the team makes some tweaking of the whole setup. Hell, this is a fast GT-R.

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