Barbie Jeep Racing: Where Stupid Meets Crazy, But It’s Funny

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The word redneck has been defined as the glorious absence of sophistication and ...

The word redneck has been defined as the glorious absence of sophistication and class and after seeing this video, the definition fits.  In this vein, I give you, Barbie Jeep Racing:  An off-road race involving a muddy hill, a kid’s ride-on car, and an idiot willing to do anything for some cash.

Barbie Jeep Racing is not for the faint of heart.  To even attempt this you have to be a little bit stupid and a whole lot crazy, which all of the contestants definitely are.  Hell, you almost have to be in order to ride down a bumpy, muddy hill at speeds of more than 25 miles per hour with no control.  But since there’s no gears and no motors, the riders are at the whims of the hill they ride on, which levels the playing field for everybody.

The rules of the race are simple:  Drivers must cross the finish line with at least one piece of the vehicle they were riding. That’s it!  Just make it down the hill by any means necessary and as long as you are holding on to a piece of the toy car, your time will count.

So, if you like watching idiots riding plastic ride-on cars down a steep hill, click the video below.


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