The Biggest Ford Mustang 4×4 Buid In The World

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The life of the Sheikh is probably the closest thing to how the emperors of the ...

The life of the Sheikh is probably the closest thing to how the emperors of the olden days used to live. Basically, their bottomless wallets allow them to command god-like power, it seems that no wish is off the table.

Our personal experiences hanging out with these types, well, included witnessing them ordering workers to rip out concrete speed bumps ahead of the supercar rally so their Lambos could clear the highway without scraping.

This build, however, puts a power of the Sheikhs into the better perspective. Commissioned by Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan for custom vehicle designer and tuner Hussain Albagali, this team set to work creating what was going to be the world’s only 4×4 Ford Mustang. Of course, the end result is as far away from the actual Mustang as possible.

To help the Sheikh tackle the Middle Eastern dunes in style, Hussain Albagali bolted the Mustang to the ladder frame chassis of the Ram pickup truck.

Hussain Albagali decided to leave the Ram’s 6.4-liter Hemi V8 under a hood to motivate this Frankenstein-like creation, while the build process is complicated enough on a hardware end of things, it is the design that we are most interested in.

Albagali’s interpretation of the Sheikh’s demands turned out like the 1920’s drop top complete with white wall tires, the spare tire on the passenger’s side, monstrous proportions that could shame the Hummer.

Watching it all come together and shows us how Albagali’s work is nothing short of art.

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