What Can’t A 12v Cummins Pull? Watch This Old Ram Pull 30,000 Pounds Of Hay No Problem

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Everyone who is into the pickup trucks, and knows at least the thing or two more ...

Everyone who is into the pickup trucks, and knows at least the thing or two more than just steering the wheel, is aware about a strength and power of the Cummins engines.

Actually, and I think that it would be pretty much save for me to say that, with the exception of the hardcore Ford Power Stroke engine fans, a big majority of the pickup truck guys considers it to be at the very top of a game.

Of course, there is the Duramax engine also, so I’ll say that it is always the pleasure to watch the good demonstration of the power of the Cummins engine.

Today we have prepared you one such video, in which you’ll see the pulling ability and the power of the 12 Valve, BD Turbo Cummins powered ’97 Dodge pickup truck, with the Goerend transmission.

The guy loaded this trailer with 23 bales, each one weighting 1k, plus a trailer, that weights 8 600 lbs, he’s got the total of over 30 000 lbs.

I know that someone may say that it is the typical redneck thing, or that driving it only in the first gear, is not such the big deal.

But stop there for the second and just think that it is a weight of the big bus. Now, do you think that your ride can do that? I do not think so!

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