Catch The Awesome Customized Sas Volkswagen RollGolf In Action!

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It is not actually The Rabbit, and its closest successor, VW Golf MK 2 with the ...

It is not actually The Rabbit, and its closest successor, VW Golf MK 2 with the completely new outlooks, like you have never seen it before, doing some crazy stuff for a Discovery Channel TV crew. Well, it is one of those creations that start to grow right next to your heart, from a very first moment you see it.

The first conclusion you draw is that this is a car, built and constructed strictly for having the good times and a lot of fun with it.

While the regular roll cage has the function to protect the driver and passengers from serious injuries when the vehicle rolls over, these Dutch mechanics built the roll cage outside the cabin so that the car can literally roll over while you are driving it, just for the sake of having fun.

It is the special feature that is functioning perfectly and the main attraction this funny looking small car, named Mastermilo82, can do.

As you’ll see for yourself in the video below, Mastermilo82 will make three consecutive forward rollovers, before its drive shaft brakes. And no matter what, one thing is for sure – these creative Dutch mechanics really know how to have fun.

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