Check Out This Painful Silly ATV Crash! That Will Teach!

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It is not the first time when I speak about how only few people seem to be able to ...

It is not the first time when I speak about how only few people seem to be able to understand that the ATVs, despite having four wheels and not requiring the trained sense of balance to keep it straight, are stil dangerous.

This translates in a various types of fail we get to see posted on video social platforms. Riders operating ATVs while being tipsy, not wearing a helmet, let alone other types of the protective gear and, my personal favorite, riding way beyond one’s real skills.

In fact, this seems to be the main cause of ATV crashes and the huge number of riders are caught unaware by the way the vehicle reacts when they ride on rough ground with the heavy hand and no clue to what they should do.

It is still puzzling to see people getting on such machines as the passengers for these clueless riders. Obviously, they aren’t wearing any protection, either, you guessed it.

And riders who don’t exactly know what they’re doing or what they should be doing in the certain scenarios, carrying equally absent passengers and riding the just watch this way is a sure recipe for the solid fail.

I will leave you estimating how much time will pass until a road rash and other bruises heal in this case. Fortunately, the passenger didn’t hit the asphalt with his head…

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