Check Out This Suzuki Swift In Action! AWESOME DRIFTING

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Yeah, honestly, who doubted in this small Japanese Kamikaze? Well, you think its ...

Yeah, honestly, who doubted in this small Japanese Kamikaze? Well, you think its poor power is not enough to make something mind-blowing? Definitely you were wrong, we’re here to prove you that and make you regret for your thoughts!

We’re all used to watch crazy machines like Supras, Skylines and Mazda MX5s and how are burning their tires and perform hell of the drifts, making the asphalt where they are passing, regret for letting them to play on it.

But you think that the 1.3-liter 4-cylinder Suzuki Swift engine is not capable of drifts? 80 horsepower are not enough? ‘

So let consider this, the right driver can drift everything, just watch the video below to see how this Suzuki Swift from the first generation is making doughnuts from the drifts.

Maybe old and pretty damaged from outside and in his kamikaze genetics there is no option for quitting, that word doesn’t exist in its vocabulary.

What it needs is just the full tank of fuel, of course not because it’s not the big consumer, wet surface and the show can begin.

Watch this clip to see how this guy is making Fast And Furious drifts with hell of the car.

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