Check Out The Top 10 Best-Selling Cars Of All Time!

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Although it might sound strange, but in the automotive world, you cannot really ...

Although it might sound strange, but in the automotive world, you cannot really trust the numbers. It’s a well known fact that manufacturers do their best to cover up the levels of air pollution from their vehicles, fiddle with the horsepower outputs, gas mileage and who knows what more.

Still, there was always one thing which stayed relevant, and those were the sales numbers. With the exemption of supercars with their limited production units, the ultimate goal was always to produce and sell as many vehicles as possible. Well, today, we found a video which counts down 10 of the best-sellers of all time!

It’s also important to mention that these figures relate to the same name models, regardless of how many generations it took to get there. Although this might sound unfair to some, it definitely took a lot of guts to stick with the same branding for so long.

In a way, all of these vehicles were a great success, and they deserve their place in the automotive history. Can you guess which models complete the list?

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