Cool Limo Destruction Derby Will Make You Feel Just Right

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So, we have here some limousines in an art of war. They are trying to demolish ...

So, we have here some limousines in an art of war. They are trying to demolish each other. It’s glorious.
As we all know, the limousines are possibly the most awkward and most unnecessary machines to ever be invented. They were super popular some time back in the Eighties, but not so much now.

So, what to do with them!? Of course, put them in a demolition derby and let them all smash each other to absolute destruction.

While you may not like limousines for their original purpose, you’ll love them here. Used to put a smile on our face and joy to our heart, the limousines seems to be the backbone of the Holland Speedway offering in 2013.

Called the Crash-A-Rama, four big V8 powered machines entered the derby with the competition style close to – Last man standing wins.

Now, the filming was not exactly perfect. Some guy used a phone or a cheap camera, but it is enough to see just what the limousine derby is all about. An utter destruction.

Fun with limousines isn’t anymore about neon lights and drunk prom girls and gals. It’s about the destruction. We love it more like this.

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