Cruiser Runs Away From Police Officer During Traffic Stop

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If we had the nickel for every time we saw the car roll away because the driver ...

If we had the nickel for every time we saw the car roll away because the driver forgot to pull a handbrake or put it in Park, well, let’s just say we would be more than the few cents richer.

Seeing the cop car roll away for that reason, though, is another matter entirely. But that is just what we appear to have here.

Captured from this cruiser’s dashcam and obtained by ABC News is footage from what we are sure was the otherwise routine traffic stop in Troy, Ohio. Routine, that is, until this patrol car started rolling away.

As you can see, a deputy from the Miami County Sheriff’s Office had to hoof it to catch up to his black-and-white.

Luckily, though, the runaway car didn’t strike anyone or anything else before he got to it. But it must have been the little embarrassing for this police officer, who apparently pulled over what looks like the WJ-gen Jeep Grand Cherokee that would been reported stolen.

Given advanced driver training law-enforcement officials typically go through, and you would think that the simple matter of don’t forget to put it in Park would have been covered.

And mistakes happen to everyone, considering how many things can go wrong in the line of duty, and this one seems to have been relatively minor.

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