Detroit Diesel 4-71 Runs Away After 30 Years. Old Guy Saves The Day!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

If this is the first time you are witnessing the diesel runaway get ready to be ...

If this is the first time you are witnessing the diesel runaway get ready to be jaw-dropped. What exactly happens in the diesel runaway is that the engine begins to completely rev uncontrollably.

Usually, this is the result of the very rare fueling issue. A diesel runaway can inflict all types of carnage especially in the scenario like this. It is very crucial to act as fast as you can before various body parts and the engine are lost.

In this one, we have the particular 1951 GMC 650 with a Detroit Diesel 4 71 that was bought for the staggering $600 back then. It was sitting idly in the garage since 1981.

However, it is time to bring this glorious machine back to life. Having said that, when these mad scientists attempt to start the truck for the first time after 30 years, the engine goes entirely nuts.

We have one of the kind runaway situation here. One of the mechanics working on the Detroit Diesel 4 71 tries to act as fast as he can in order to shut the air intake.

He attempts this with a rag and it’s the success. However, the rag gets completely sucked and the problems don’t stop here. Click on this video and witness one crazy runaway situation that went from poorly to almost catastrophic.

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