Drifting Is One Of The Main Reasons For Getting Up In The Morning

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One of the assets of the Toyobaru is that a modern-day AE 86 is incredibly easy to ...

One of the assets of the Toyobaru is that a modern-day AE 86 is incredibly easy to slide. So, for the ever-increasing stakes on the drifting scene, putting the Toyota GT 86 or a Subaru BRZ through its sideways paces doesn’t mean all that much nowadays.

But what if the two drivers try to slide arear-wheel-drive machine at the same time? The answer to this question, which clearly comes from nobody-asked realm, was recently delivered in the UK.

That’s where autocar decided to pull such the adventure using one of its editors, along with the stunt driver Mauro Calo – you might be familiar with a steering wheel wielder thanks to his Top Gear moments (we’re talking about the now-old TG format), which went from tire-burning moments to jumps inside contraptions as wild as a Lambo Huracan.

Armed with a classic closed course, the duo set off to drift the hell out of the boxer hero. Since the Toyobaru is the world’s smallest four-seater coupe, it seemed like the two wouldn’t have to go through too much effort in terms of a cabin arrangement.

This is where the video editing needs to be given proper credit, as this video makes it feel like it is more difficult to fit two men inside the BRZ, if they wish to sit on separate rows, rather than to have them drift it.

Well, one of the two took care of the steering wheel work, while the other operated the throttle with the help of a… stick.

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