Driver In Shelby GT350 Almost Runs Over Auto Enthusiasts In Houston

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Mustangs aiming for A crowd as they leave car meets have almost become a ...

Mustangs aiming for A crowd as they leave car meets have almost become a stereotype and, until a few years ago, a pony didn’t do too much to redeem itself, with its live rear axle being the dreaded handling Achilles’ heel.

Well, the Mustang is now in its S550 generation and a Shelby GT350 models make for awesome circuit animals, but invading spectators’ personal space is still the issue, as we can see in the video below.

The video takes us to yesterday’s Cars and Coffee Houston event, where the driver of the GT350 decided it’s okay to make a drifting exit. Alas, all the Nurburgring tweaking in the world can’t prepare the car for a driver mixing a lack of skill with the thirst for instant gratification, so a Blue Oval machine now looks like it has rear steering, all due to the rather brutal encounter with the curb.

Nevertheless, that curb deserves credit for allowing us and to tell you nobody actually got swept away by a spinning car. Nevertheless, bystanders said two or more kids were hit by a people trying to move away from Ford’s path, but no serious injuries have been reported.

Not only did this dude ensure the people-eating legacy of the Mustang gets carried on despite the pony’s handling reinvention, and, according to High Tech Corvette, who uploaded the video below, he also caused Cars and Coffee Houston to be kicked out of the current location, there are signs everywhere saying not to do the burnout because it jeopardizes the event.

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