Epic SUPERBIRD Match Race: Sox & Martin VS Richard Petty

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Buddy Martin and Ronnie Sox were once a nearly unbeatable tandem in the drag ...

Buddy Martin and Ronnie Sox were once a nearly unbeatable tandem in the drag racing scene. The duo largely relied on Mopar power to win multiple championships across the country.

Concurrently, Richard Petty ( a.k.a. “The King”) was reigning supreme in the world of stock car racing, also banking on power from Chrysler Corp. to rack up his staggering record of 100 wins.

The racing legends came together and brought along their Plymouth Superbirds to slug it out and determine which car’s combo will emerge victorious in the quarter mile. When Sox and Martin’s drag-prepped Superbird left the line, it quickly took the lead that ballooned to one full second by the time it crossed the finish line 402 meters later.

With such lopsided outcome, we can’t help but wonder if Sox and Martin challenged The King to a 1-and-1 to see if they can keep up with him around the banked bends…

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