The Fast And The Furious: Amazing Victoria Australia Drift

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Lucky doesn’t even begin to describe what happened here after the big rig ...

Lucky doesn’t even begin to describe what happened here after the big rig plowed through the car in south-west Victoria, Australia.

As the video below starts, you can see the woman parked by the side of the road, looking back at the fallen tree, and the owner of this dashcam stopping his truck to exchange pleasantries. It is not everyday your road is blocked by mother nature.

During their conversation, the genuinely horrifying scene occurs as the semi-trailer comes hurtling around the corner, and the rest is, well, and you need to watch for yourselves.

Thankfully, and downright miraculously, nobody was injured, and though the owner of the Jetta did tell Nine News that she was afraid she was going to die.

I’m about to be killed. That is what went through my head, she said. I honestly don’t know how close it got to me. And I just ran. Thinking I was about to be killed I raced into the blackberries and heard a Big Crunch.

She even showed sympathy for this incoming truck driver, and saying that he was amazing, because he managed not to run into the other truck, and even though he did run into me.

But he thought he was going to kill someone. He didn’t do anything wrong, and the log was across the road you couldn’t avoid the log.

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