Find Out Why The German Drivers Simply Love The Mustang GT

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First of all, the general assumption is that Europeans simply hate muscle cars, ...

First of all, the general assumption is that Europeans simply hate muscle cars, and every other vehicle related to the American automotive industry. Honestly, it is completely understandable, as their narrow roads simply cannot handle these powerful behemoths.

With that in mind, one question still arises. How is it possible that the 2017 Ford Mustang GT is the best selling vehicle in its class in Germany? This country is supposed to be the capital of supreme high-quality sedans, but ultimately, the buyers decided to take on a different rout.

In an attempt to get to the bottom of this intriguing question, we went straight to the source, and found this awesome review, which showcases things from a German’s perspective.

Apparently, the smaller four-cylinder engine just doesn’t cut it here, as the locals cannot get enough of the massive roaring V8. Still, why go for Mustangs only and neglect every other muscle car out there? Well, click on the video below and you will get your answer. We have to say we expected a completely different outcome here, but it’s a proof that the industry is constantly evolving.

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