Fire Crew Chase Down A 1,000 HP Coupe BURSTING INTO FLAMES!!!

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When it comes to drifting, having the powerful beast with the real monster under ...

When it comes to drifting, having the powerful beast with the real monster under the hood never hurts.

Which is why so many drifters are tuning their drift-beasts as much as possible, in order to try and raise the real hell on the strip, on the track, the circuit, or wherever.

But as we know well from watching the numerous clips, sometimes things can turn out into a bad direction. When you are dealing with a truly powerful drift-car, this could mean the lot of things.

Just like in the case of the following 1 000 horsepower monster, that starts bursting into flames, it would be the pretty good idea to stop it, and let the fire crew do their job!

However, this Hyundai Genesis Coupe drift car, powered by the (literally) fire-breathing 1 000 horsepower V8 engine, the circus’ fire crew had to chase him down the track, as this guy probably didn’t mind those flames and wanted to finish his performance in style!

And at the end, the fire safety guys did catch up on time with that powerful Hyundai, its driver seemed to be in a good shape. So check out this video and see the entire scene yourself!

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