What Happens To Your Face At 150MPH? No Helmet On A Motorcycle!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Some bike riders should know that the rule to wear a helmet during the ride is not ...

Some bike riders should know that the rule to wear a helmet during the ride is not randomly created. Instead, that is one of basics that every professional motorcyclist respects before getting on their bikes.

However, in this case, rules are made to be broken, there is absolutely nothing can justify the reason why this young bloke rides 150 mph with no helmet. We don’t know what made this guy do this experiment, and he did it and filmed the whole thing.

With the camera set up on the front of the bike, this young adrenaline seeker, shows his patience to stand the pretty speedy and windy ride, that will result with several funny faces and that will surely make you laugh.

Maybe he should have tried this dangerous ride with the slow motion camera, that would have captured the best of his face being blown at that speed. However, only the little rock or a fly in this case, was necessary to make the problem for this guy, who hopefully won’t make any more videos like this.

Driving that fast with no helmet on your head is the extremely dangerous and we definitely don’t support this kind of behavior! Furthermore, a helmet not only protects your head, but it also gets rid of the air pressure while you are driving.

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