Here’s Why Winter Tires Are A TERRIBLE Choice In The Summer!

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In case you’re a driver who’s constantly looking to extract maximum ...

In case you’re a driver who’s constantly looking to extract maximum level of performance from your ride, you probably already know why having a decent pair of tires is absolutely essential. However, what about regular drivers who don’t pay that much attention to their cars? Are they gonna feel the difference?

To answer that question, we turn to YouTube channel Engineering Explained. These guys are known for using science to simplify some of the basic known facts of the automotive world.

While most drivers only use all-weather universal tires, there are those willing to bend the rules a bit. This is especially true for individuals who live in colder climates, as they sometimes tend to stick with the winter tires a bit too long.

However, is this practice potentially dangerous? To be quite honest, we were surprised with the results, as it turns out that winter tires fade extremely quickly when exposed to great heat. Because of their softer compound, they fail to offer lots of grip, and ultimately, this may lead to crashes. Backed up by the knowledge from this video, we would advise everyone to change their winter tires ASAP. Remember, safety is the number one priority.

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