Horrific Accident In Australia Filmed On Dashcam

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

You need a dashcam. Unfortunately for situations like this. Watch a terrifying ...

You need a dashcam. Unfortunately for situations like this. Watch a terrifying encounter between the Subaru WRX RS420 and the Nissan. The crash happened in Australia, on the Pacific Highway, in the proximity of Tyndale, NSW (North of Grafton). It was terrifying to watch and we cannot even imagine how terrifying was to live this through.

“All parties involved walked away, including my wife and I. I can certainly vouch for the safety standard of the Subaru WRX, may have been a different story otherwise. Another driver was charged but the Police would not elaborate. I can only assume either texting or a microsleep was to blame. Someone was certainly watching over us that day,” the WRX man said.

The Subaru is definitely a limited edition creation. With only 400 imported to Australia, the owner of this definitely was pissed about the whole thing. Luckily, no one was harmed in this unfortunate accident, but all cars were severely damaged.

As it turns out, police charged the Nissan driver. He was guilty in this case. We also found out that the driver of the Subaru traveled at about 60 mph which is a lot. So, please pay attention when driving. You never know who may be coming the other way.

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