Huracan Hiccups: 5 Things To Hate About The Lamborghini Huracan

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The Lamborghini Huracan is a work of art and nothing in this world can prepare you ...

The Lamborghini Huracan is a work of art and nothing in this world can prepare you for its mind-boggling performance. However, no car is perfect…every car has its flaws, and in this video Nirenstein (a.k.a. Vehicle Virgins) talks about the five things he hates about his Huracan, through the 5,000 miles of driving it.

First is the glass engine cover where rain drops tend to build up because the window is at a very flat angle. You get a huge amount of fog on the glass which ruins all rear visibility. Second, the backup camera is seriously bad because of its poor graphics. Also, when you’re backing out of a spot and you turn the steering wheel all the way to pull out and make a turn, the bottom spoke completely blocks the screen.

Third, there is a cubby under the center console for extra storage space, but the lip or the edge which is supposed to keep whatever you’re supposed to put in there ain’t tall enough, so if you slam on the brakes and go around the bend quickly, stuff will fall off and can get lodged in the foot well right below the brake, which is really dangerous.

Fourth, the storage space in front can only accommodate 150 liters which is essentially nothing. You can barely stow enough stuff there, it’s just abysmal. Lastly, when you startup the car it automatically starts in auto mode and strata. It also has the screen in the split-screen view which has the tachometer on the left and your music and navigation on the right. Most Lamborghini Huracan owners would likely use the corsa mode and prefer the full tachometer view. To do that you need to press a button on the steering wheel twice. It’s pretty annoying and would have been better if you can store your preferred setting so when you turn your car back on its already there.

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