Ferrari Engined Toyota 86 Drift Car Makes Donuts Around A Ferrari 458

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Yes, it is done. Ferrari Powered Toyota 86 is all done and ready. Right at this ...

Yes, it is done. Ferrari Powered Toyota 86 is all done and ready. Right at this point Ryan Tuerck, Donut Media guys and the whole team who built it are in Las Vegas presenting their creation to the crowds of the SEMA 2016.

However, only days before they presented it on the world’s largest tuning gathering, they took it for a spin. And what a spin it was.

Ferrari 458 powered Toyota 86 made donuts around, you’ve guessed it – a Ferrari 458. Awesome V8 machine is simply biblical any way you look at it. However, there is an elephant in the room.

Despite the Ferrari engine in it which produces 571hp, this particular Drift car actually lacks the power other drift cars produce. Remember, some of them push over 1,000hp.

Nevertheless, the Toyobaru GT4586 is definitely a machine which can do some proper drifting action. As seen in the video, the GT86 can drift and sound simply epic. What we are curious about is the engine cover. Will they provide one?

It would look hilarious for sure, but if they cut it out maybe that awesome red Ferrari signature engine head could look glorious.

Hands down to Ryan Tuerck and Huddy MotorSports who crafted the car.

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