What A Lucky Bastard! Near Fatal Crash Audi TT RS

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Earlier this week, Nurburgring was hit by snow flakes. And this didn’t seem ...

Earlier this week, Nurburgring was hit by snow flakes. And this didn’t seem to bother engineers testing prototypes on the Green Hell (here’s the BMW example) and that is because snow is manageable. Fluids spilled on this track, however, aren’t that easy to handle.

Unluckily, such episodes are often during Touristenfahrten events and the latest example of such an event easily makes for the white-knuckle view.

The stunt sees the SEAT Leon Cupra, the 280 kind, trying to chase the first-generation Audi TT RS that passes it. However, a hot hatch driver doesn’t get to put too much effort into his plan.

That’s because the trail of smoke that shows up signals the crash that had taken place in front of the two sprinting Volkswagen Group machines.

It doesn’t take too long before the Audi TT starts dancing violently – as this driver steps on the brakes, the fluid spill caused by this accident determines the Audi TT RS to lose its rear end.

With the short wheelbase of the Audi, this guy behind the wheel has the extremely difficult time while trying to get this machine back in line – trying to establish what kind of spin (think: number of degrees) the Audi TT RS went through can be a bit of the game.

Yes, we can talk about games, since, as this SEAT driver explains in the comments section of the YouTube clip, the Audi somehow managed to avoid kissing the guardrail.

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