Massive Changes In F1 May Produce The Fastest Vehicles Ever!

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Formula 1 is an expensive business, but it is also the pinnacle of what human mind ...

Formula 1 is an expensive business, but it is also the pinnacle of what human mind can do with four wheels, an engine, and a drivetrain. Now, the F1 is not as popular as before, but it still has a powerful following cult and for the season 2017 the rules will dramatically change cars – their looks, their feel, their capabilities and their behavior.

One of the most prominent changes will be the introduction of all new wider and larger Pirelli tires.
New tires will provide far greater lateral grip.

They will be considerably wider with front ones growing from 245 to 305 mm wide. The rear tires will grow from 325 to massive 405 mm of width.

Such changes, along with rather profound aerodynamic changes, will reduce the lap times by 4 seconds. The F1 cars will become bigger with a wider track, wider aerodynamic areas, and far greater downforce surfaces.

Interestingly enough, the height will drop considerably additionally lowering the center of gravity. With all the small changes cars will become much faster without adding more powerful engines and it seems that was the main idea behind the new 2017 rules.

It would be nice to see the 2016 F1 car and the 2017 F1 car compared head to head.

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