New And Highly Anticipated Toyota Supra May Look Like This

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Toyota is making the new Supra. Yes, they are and you can celebrate. And you know ...

Toyota is making the new Supra. Yes, they are and you can celebrate. And you know what!? They are not making it only by themselves, but with a partner – BMW. Imagine that. New Supra is a brainchild of people who gave us cars such as the BMW M3 and the Lexus LFA. Holly *hit.

First spy photos are available on the Internet, but we bring you something even better than that. This is a rendering – computer generated animation, which shows what the Supra may look like in real life. The rendering is based on all the information the artist could get and find.

What is more, Jalopnik had some “insider” information about the new Toyota Supra directly from the factory. Compiling all the info about it, they were able to complete the rendering.

As for the sheer looks of the car, this thing looks a lot like some kind of a Lexus. Nothing wrong with that at all. The look is somewhat natural and sharp enough to appear in the world of today. The tech specs of the car are scarce, to say the least. It could very well be that this car will become a hybrid. Then again, a three liter, twin-turbocharged V6 and a bit more than 400 hp would do wonders too.

It is quite possible that the new Supra becomes as close to the BMW Z5 as possible.

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