The Nissan Pao Is Completely Different Than Anything You’ve Seen Before!

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When talking about rare JDM cars, most people’s first thought is probably ...

When talking about rare JDM cars, most people’s first thought is probably about some wild 200mph drag racing monster, but the car you’re about to check out couldn’t be further from that concept. It’s named Nissan Pao, and it’s an absolute beauty.

Even if you consider yourself to be a big automotive enthusiast, chances are you’ve never seen on in person, as they are quite rare. The owner of this tiny Japanese hatchback fell in love with it from an early age, and nowadays, he can even be considered a collector.

In his mind, Pao is extraordinary for being so quirky and unique. Although it has only 50 horsepower, and is generally very underwhelming when it comes to performances, the owner claims that he has as much fun in this pocket vehicle as he would’ve going 200mph in the latest Ferrari.

It’s special when one can find a car which can makes them laugh, and for this gentleman, he already discovered his perfect match! In the automotive world, things don’t get much better than this.

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