The Nurburgring Deserves Respect! BMW M3 Crashes At The ‘Ring!

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We have brought you tons of Nurburgring crashes taking place in the ...

We have brought you tons of Nurburgring crashes taking place in the Schweredenkreutz section before, and, unlike most of those accidents, the one we are here to show you today has been captured using a camera inside the victim vehicle, a BMW M3.

The video below allows us to check out the driver of an E46-generation M3, one gifted with the manual gearbox, manhandling his vehicle properly.

Judging by the way in which the driver throws the BMW M3 around on the Nurburgring, he certainly knows his way around the vehicle, as well as around the Green Hell.

Alas, once he reaches Schwredenkreutz, and he loses the back end while doing around 200 km/h – keep in mind that this kind of speed is perfectly normal for the said section of the Green Hell.

This is the point where the guy behind the wheel starts the prolonged struggle to bring the BMW M3 back on track. However, despite the guy’s best efforts, the still ends up slamming into a protection barrier on the side of the track.

Since this dude pulled respectable crash save attempt maneuvers, we will rephrase the usual question – so, what could he have done better?

Well, it seems like the driver is reactive. And this means that he tries to anticipate and correct the sideways episodes of the M3.

Nevertheless, he would have seriously increased his chances of avoiding a crash had he been proactive.

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