Why Oil Spills Are Bad: BMW M3 Crashes Hard On Nurburgring

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Out of all the dangers that await those who engage in the Nurburgring track day ...

Out of all the dangers that await those who engage in the Nurburgring track day adventures, fluid spills have to be the worst, and since one can hardly be prepared for such the slippery surprise.
Case in point with the driver of the BMW in this video, who found out just how much of an issue the oil spill can be on Saturday. Coming into the Wippermann bend, this man behind the wheel of the E46 3 Series saw the posterior of his Bimmer dancing violently.

While this driver did seem to countersteer, the track conditions meant there wasn’t too much this guy could do to prevent the 3er from kissing the guardrail. The Bimmer’s oversteer ordeal saw this four-door going for the overly wide spin.

The German sedan plowed into a protection element on the side of the track, with the impact taking quite the toll on the car.

Keep in mind that this driver also has to cover the costs of the barrier repair.

The only fortunate side of the Nurburgring happening we are discussing has to do with the BMW being the only casualty. This video allows us to see the Porsche that was also thrown off course by the spill, and its driver fortunately manged to keep things under control.

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