Could This Possibly Be The World’s Roughest Motorbike Ever?

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Although most people don’t consider motorbikes to be all that durable, this ...

Although most people don’t consider motorbikes to be all that durable, this video might teach us otherwise. Don’t think that we’re talking about a heavily customized rugged off-road creation either. As far as we can tell, this tiny machine is still in pretty much stock condition.

With that in mind, how is it possible that it can be submerged under water, and still running? There are a couple of reasons why these things simply don’t happen all that often. First of all, we understand that the engine has to breathe, and from the footage we see that the rider is holding an air intake above water, but what’s happening with the exhaust and the petrol tank?

Furthermore, it’s a sheer miracle that the electronics still seemed to be working just fine. In all probability, the rider applied a heavy spray of WD40 all over the bike to keep the water out, but it’s still amazing that this idea actually worked!

To check out this crazy contraption in action click on the video below and enjoy the show!

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