Rally Driver Tomasz Kasperczyk Owes Some Nameless Engineer A Beer

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Unlike most motorsports, those brave enough to compete in rallies don’t have the ...

Unlike most motorsports, those brave enough to compete in rallies don’t have the added safety net of huge runoff areas, making the sport particularly precarious and prone to some spectacular crashes.

At last week’s European Rally Championship round in Canary Islands, driver Tomasz Kasperczyk was extremely lucky not to be involved in one of those spectacular crashes, and he can thank a sturdy guardrail for it.

Footage from the moment of impact shows driver Tomasz Kasperczyk locking up the inside rear wheel while approaching a tight right hand corner.

This sent his Ford Fiesta rally car directly into the steel guardrail which lined a precarious mountain road. If it hadn’t been there, Tomasz Kasperczyk and his co-driver, Damien Syty, would have plummeted down the mountain. I wonder if these two realized they owe their lives to an unknown group of engineers who decided it was a good idea to put the guardrail there.

Talk about the heart in your mouth moment! It is enough to say Rally driver Tomasz Kasperczyk owes some nameless traffic engineer a beer.

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