Rob Ferretti And The Things That Bother Him About The Ferrari 488

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Enzo Ferrari built his brand around the notion of the imperfection. Race victories ...

Enzo Ferrari built his brand around the notion of the imperfection. Race victories were pretty much all that mattered for Enzo, with building road cars coming as the support activity, albeit one that gifted us with some of the sweetest machines on the planet. And is anybody amazed by the fact that contemporary Maranello machines have downsides?

Instead of delivering an answer, we are here to give you the video, one that sees supercar collector Rob Ferretti talking about the things that bother him about the Ferrari 488.

As those of you following our supercar stories know, Rob grabbed the 488 Spider earlier this year. Once the initial thoughts, which were comprised of the overflowing joy such the supercar inevitably brings one and the need to explain to people how he managed to skip the long queue that awaits many Ferrari buyers, were left behind, this collector got the time to notice the bits that will chop the smile off one’s Ferrari face.

Most of the issues Rob Ferretti mentions here are exclusive to Ferraris, while others can also be found in tons of other supercars. Heck, some of latter are not even limited to lighting-quick two-seaters.

However, this Italian automaker is far from being in any real danger.

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