Taught A Friend To Drive Stick Shift In My Dodge Viper And Then It Broke

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I would say that at least 25 percent of the non-driving school attempts to teach ...

I would say that at least 25 percent of the non-driving school attempts to teach people how to drive the stick end in a breakdown. However, that refers to the nervous breakdown, while the one mentioned in the title above has to do with a Viper’s V10 heart.

Then again, technical issues are only normal when we are talking about the Dodge supercar that was born in 1997. Even so, Doug DeMuro wasn’t afraid to use his Viper to teach the friend how to drive a stick, obviously letting the world know everything about it.

As it turns out, the journo came up with the four-step plan, with this being designed to meet the student driver’s needs. As Britt explains in the video, this wasn’t her first attempt to master the clutch (no, not the fashion item), and her so-called previous experience with manual transmissions may have done more harm than good, as it often happens with such adventures.

The student also seems to have the step-by-step approach, one where the word weird becomes the logical connector for the stunt that could otherwise be described with the help of the respectable learning curve.

I will stop throwing spoilers at you here, letting the video below do its job. And since I’ve attempted quite the few similar stunts over the years, I can easily relate to the action in the video below.

In fact, checking out this video brings back both the worst and the best memories related to such experiences.

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