Ten Of The Most Ruthless Daredevil Stunt Men/Women To Hit The Scene!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Philippe Petit

Philippe Petit is our second high wire artist featured on this list and rightfully so! He is known for tight roping some of the most daring bridges, buildings and towers all over the world.

Philippe Petit is best known for walking a tight rope between the then newly constructed Twin Towers in 1974.However, that is just one of the many different tight rope performances that he did throughout his career.

His crowning achievement came in 1974, when he engineered a wire act between the two World Trade Towers. Amazingly, Petit and his helpers were able to bypass the building’s security to get to the top floor of one of the towers.

They used a bow and arrow to fire the tight rope from one building to another, and after securing it, Petit proceeded to perform on the wire for 45 minutes before giving himself up to police. TALK ABOUT DEDICATION!