Ten Of The Most Ruthless Daredevil Stunt Men/Women To Hit The Scene!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Evel Knievel

We all know this list would not be complete without the daring and dedicated Evel Knievel! He is truly one of the most popular daredevils and rightfully so. Knievel established himself as a true American folk hero and inspired many aspiring stuntmen.

In a career that saw him suffer huge highs as well as many failures (and 37 broken bones), Knievel proved that with determination and skill anything was possible.  His nationally televised motorcycle stunts remain among the most watched sporting events of all time.

Knievel got his start as a motocross rider, but when in need of money he conceived the idea of performing stunts on his motorcycle. Since that fateful day he never looked back and became one of the first professional daredevils.

He has had a slew of incredible and unforgettable stunts and for that reason he was an obvious choice for the number one spot on this list! He may not have been the first daredevil to have lived but he certainly was one of the first to gain complete fame!