Terrifying Moment A Rhino Smashed Into Tourists’ Car In Safari Park

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

The world is truly magnificent. A vast amount of differences you can find in ...

The world is truly magnificent. A vast amount of differences you can find in everything you can imagine is quite astonishing. By everything, and we really mean that, starting with different architecture, history, animals, culture.

The list goes on and on. Well, the one thing we will focus on today is the different type of sightseeing. If you are traveling the USA, well, you mostly get to see cultural monuments, festivals and such.

But on the other side of the globe, the things are different. And in Africa you get to witness what Africa’s most known for, its breathtaking nature and wildlife. This video we have for you shows us the rather dangerous situation, where the woman managed to film a wild rhino attack on the vehicle while sightseeing!

What appears to be the wildlife tour trip almost finishes badly, due to the fact that one wild rhino doesn’t like foreigners on his territory!

And this footage shows us just how powerful a rhino attack can be! The wild animal is shown how it charges towards a car full with tourists!

The charge results in the strong attack that manages to move the victim car a few inches! Impressive strength we must say. Fortunately, nobody appears to be hurt by the rhino attack.

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That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!