Tesla P100D And P90D Tag Team 1/4 Dragstrip Vs Muscle Cars!

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The Tesla drag racing scene is alive and kicking, and with the piece of footage we ...

The Tesla drag racing scene is alive and kicking, and with the piece of footage we have here delivering the most recent sample of this.

This is the electric avenue drag strip adventure that can be labeled as quality family time, since we get to see the Model S P100D and a Model S P90D driven by the father and his son.

The senior gets behind the wheel of the Tesla P100D model and while his son drives the Tesla P90D, he also delivers the required camera talk.

Speaking of which, this isn’t your usual all-out quarter-mile sprint. And instead, the pair of electric sedans races in the daily driver class, with the 11-second index.

And since going below that time will lead to your elimination, getting as close to it with the extreme reaction time is the winning recipe.

The Teslas get to duke it out with their favorite enemies, namely the group of muscle cars. From a fifth- and the sixth-gen Camaro to a Mustang, there’s plenty of V8 action in the video below.

And while we are talking P100D running abilities, we will remind you the Palo Alto machines wearing this badge, namely the Model S and the Model X, have yet to show us their fiercest side.

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