Thieves Use Laptop To Hack Into Estate Agent’s Car Keys

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A British couple that had cameras aimed at a driveway of their house filmed the ...

A British couple that had cameras aimed at a driveway of their house filmed the team of thieves as it stole their vehicle, and this footage was released in the hope of finding the culprits.

The heist targeted the Mercedes-Benz C220 d, which is not the most expensive vehicle that you could steal, but several aspects of the situation raised the few questions.

Firstly, one of the culprits held the black bag near the wall of the house of the victims. Which is believed to have contained the laptop along with equipment and software meant to hack a transmitter inside the keys of the car.

Secondly, an HPI check was done for the car the few weeks before it was stolen. The inquiry we are referring was made to the online service that offers the history check for automobiles sold in the United Kingdom.

The ironic part of this is that inquirer can see if the vehicle was ever reported stolen, that thieves are suspected of looking up this Mercedes-Benz on web page.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple believes that a Keyless Go system of the vehicle was the weak coupling in a security chain, that they have been targeted by thieves and monitored to find the optimal moment to strike. And if you consider the vehicle history check, that might be the possibility.

The owners of this car think that the device seen in a video near their house was used to enhance the signal of the car key to make the vehicle feel it has the owner with a key fob near it. From there, all the thieves had to do was to open the doors, start the engine using the dedicated button.

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