The TT RS Beat An Ariel Nomad In A Grand Tour Drag Race

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The Grand Tour is currently filming in Croatia, and there is the certain air of ...

The Grand Tour is currently filming in Croatia, and there is the certain air of “this is totally different to Top Gear… not.

Jeremy and Richard are drag racing the Ariel Nomad and the 400 horsepower Audi TT RS. But James May seems to be driving the old Lada. Why Croatia? Because it’s the beautiful country this time of the year, and the guys love the road trip.

The part we can’t figure out is why they are comparing the bunch of scaffolding with the mud-in-your-hair feel to what Jeremy would describe as the overpriced Golf. Or would he?

Based on one of the videos we found, Jeremy Clarkson is the one behind the Audi’s wheel, while Richard Hammond helms the Ariel.

Everybody wants the piece of the Nomad action, but we would point out that the new Top Gear cred already had a go. Somehow, this comparison just isn’t exciting enough for us.

The AWD launch control monster that is the TT RS wins the race, as you would expect. But thanks to its stripped out shell, the Nomad does the great job of staying on its tail.

That is pretty impressive stuff, considering the Nomad is designed for the off-road fun, venturing where the Audi TT RS cannot.

Still, you are at the mercy of the elements, while Audi offers performance with state of the art technology and comfort.

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