Video Shows A Cruiser Crash Into A Motorist After Running A Red Light

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A police cruiser was T-boned by another car while responding to the motorcycle ...

A police cruiser was T-boned by another car while responding to the motorcycle accident, in Altoona, Pennsylvania, earlier this month.

The video below shows officer Julie Kelleher driving the 2014 Ford Explorer on Sixth Avenue, with the emergency lights and siren on, and traveling at 79mph (127km/h), reports WJACTV.

Just as she approached this intersection with Eighth Street, this officer ran the red light, didn’t slow down to make sure that it was clear, moments before the 2009 Pontiac struck it and made it flip over. During this accident, Julie Kelleher sustained minor injuries.

The initial police report said that the 2009 Pontiac driver, identified as 27-year old John McConnell, entered this intersection just as the light turned yellow.

John McConnell and his attorney denied it, however, and requested a dashcam footage of this incident from the Altoona Police Department.

Their initial request was denied, though, the police only made it public when the Altoona Mayor, Matt Pacifico, contacted them to do so, and to ensure that our city demonstrates transparency and openness.

This footage shows clearly that Julie Kelleher run the red light, vindicating John McConnell and proving that the initial police report was false.

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